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Designer or ViSi: PIC18 UART Interface with PICASO using the MCC


This codebase example shows how to interface a PIC18 Microchip microcontroller to a PICASO display module. This example uses the PICkit 44-Pin Demo Board (R2.2) from Microchip. The demo board contains the PIC18F45K20, which is an 8-bit microcontroller. The PICkit 44-Pin Demo Board was programmed using the PICkit 3 In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer. The source code for the program was developed using the MPLAB® X IDE, with the help of the MPLAB® Code Configurator Plugin. The compiler used was the XC8 compiler (version 1.34).


Although this is classified as an easy codebase example, it is expected that the reader has a working knowledge of Microchip products and development platforms. More specifically, it is assumed that the reader knows the PIC18 family of microcontrollers and how to use the PICkit 3 In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer. It is also assumed that the reader knows how to use the MPLAB® X IDE and the MPLAB® Code Configurator Plugin. Users with inquiries that fall entirely under these topics will be redirected to the Microchip community.

For the display module, the reader is expected to know the basics of creating a Designer project in the Workshop4 IDE and downloading the compiled program onto a display. Beginners may refer to the application note Designer: Getting Started - First Project

Readers who want to study more basic 4DGL code examples may refer to the following application notes.

Finally, the reader is expected to have a working knowledge of how serial communication is implemented on PICASO display modules. For more information, refer to the codebase example Designer or ViSi PICASO Serial Communication.


  1. Download the attached zip file to a folder on your computer.
  2. Extract the contents to the same folder or a new sub-folder.
  3. Double click on the ReadMe.html file.
  4. For full functionality of the HMTL application, you may need to enable JavaScript in your web browser (if not already enabled). The attached HTML application was tested on the following browsers:

  5. Google Chrome Version 44.0

  6. Internet Explorer Version 11.0
  7. Mozilla Firefox Version 40.0


Project File