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The DS-32 is a Display Stand for the uLCD-32PTU Display Module, which allows the uLCD-32PTU and a 3.2" Bezel to be attached to provide a stable and easy-to-use Development Platform.

The Display Stand is powder coated aluminum stand that is available as a stand by itself for existing customers who may already have a display and bezel (DS-32), or in a kit with Stand and Bezel included, available with both black (DS-32-BB) and white bezels (DS-32-WB).

This bezel provides a sleek cover to the uLCD-32PTU display module, and also providing an easy method to mount it to the Display Stand. The bezel can also be used to panel-mount the display module into an enclosure.

No Display Module is included in the Display Stand DS-32, DS-32-WB or DS-32-BB kits.

For more information regarding the Bezels, please refer to the 4DBEZEL-32 datasheet.


Display Stand with Black Bezel (DS-32-BB)

The DS-32 allows a Bezel and Display module to be easily mounted and provides mounting holes to mount an Arduino or Raspberry PI A+, B+ or Pi2, and/or a small breadboard or two (depending on configuration). This provides a stable platform for development work, education or for projects.


  • Powder Coated Aluminium Stand
  • Plastic 3.2" Bezel designed for panel mounting the uLCD-32PTU
  • Brass mounting inserts in the rear of the bezel
  • Spring Clips for attaching the bezel to the panel
  • M2 mounting screws and washers included

uLCD-32PTU Mounted in 3.2

uLCD-32PTU Mounted in 3.2" Bezel - Back
(Display module not included)

32 Bezel Front

uLCD-32PTU Mounted in 3.2" Bezel - Front
(Display module not included)

Springs Clips

Spring Clips

The DS-32 Display Stand is designed to be used with the uLCD-32PTU display module and 4DBEZEL-32. A display module is not included with the DS-32.

uLCD-32PTU Assembly

For ease of illustration, the pictures below are of a flat panel rather than the Display Stand. The process is the same, as the bezel can be mounted into an enclosure/panel or the stand, as required.

  1. Place the uLCD-32PTU face down into the bezel, taking care of the orientation of the display so the active area of the display is visible through the viewing hole on the front of the bezel.
  2. Insert 4 of the screws with 4 of the washers into the mounting tabs to secure the display on the bezel. Nip the screws up but take care, not to over-tighten or damage may be done to the bezel.
  3. Place the assembled bezel into the Panel/Enclosure/Stand, taking note of the orientation of the display. The display will only fit one way into the bezel, for the full Active Area of the display to be visible.
  4. Place a washer on one of the remaining screws, followed by a spring clip, and attach it to one of the brass inserted holes on the bezel, allowing the spring clip to work against the panel, holding the bezel firmly in place.
  5. Repeat for the remaining screws.
  6. The bezel should now be securely fitted to the Panel/Enclosure/Stand, and the uLCD-32PTU should be securely fitted to the bezel.


uLCD-32PTU secured to the 3.2" Bezel, and Bezel secured to the Panel/Enclosure/Stand using the spring clips

Ordering Information

Order Code:
DS-32 (Display Stand only)
DS-32-WB (Display Stand with White Bezel)
DS-32-BB (Display Stand with Black Bezel)

Revision History

Datasheet Revision

Revision Date Description
1.2 28/02/2023 Modified datasheet for web-based documentation