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uOLED-128P2 Resources

Workshop4 IDE

Compatibility: Workshop4 is a Windows-only product. It is compatible with Windows 8 through to Windows 11.
Note some older OS such as ME, Vista, XP and 7 have not been tested for some time and are not supported by Microsoft anymore; however, they may still work.
Legacy support updates for the older OS may not be possible, depending on what issues are found. For best results, run a current Windows OS. It is possible to run Workshop4 under a VM on Linux or Mac. However, it is up to the User to set this up.

Primary Resources

These are the resources that are directly related to the product.

Software Resources

ViSi-Genie Resources

Serial (SPE) Resources

Designer and ViSi Resources

Supporting Resources

These are the documents and files that are related to the product including display processor datasheet, and supporting hardware datasheets.

Certificates and Declarations