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Internet of Things

Do you have display modules with built-in IoT capabilities?

Yes. We offer our Internet of Displays (IoD) range and gen4-ESP32 range.

The IoD range features an ESP8266, supporting Wi-Fi, and comes in different sizes:

The gen4-ESP32 range features an ESP32-S3, supporting both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and also comes in different sizes:

Another option is the 4Duino which features an ATmega32U4 main processor, a Picaso graphics processor and ESP8266 adding Wi-Fi capabilities.

Can I migrate gen4-IoD projects to gen4-ESP32?

Yes. Most gen4-IoD projects are mostly compatible and should run with little modification.

At the minimum, simply change from using GFX4d library to GFX4dESP32 and compile the project for new target display. Please refer to the ESP32 Development Manual for the required setup.


Unlike GFX4d library, GFX4dESP32 library contains multiple include files for each display. For example:

#include "gfx4desp32_gen4_ESP32_24CT_CLB.h"