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ViSi-Genie Magic: Color Picker


This example shows how to use Keyboard + ColorPicker Event Magic to read values from the Color Picker object and then manipulate the values to be able to display the color picked to an RGB Led. The program used bit operations and bit manipulations to convert RGB(565) value from the color picker input to RGB 24 bit format. After conversion, the values are mapped to 0-1000 for PWM.


Workshop4 Pro is needed for this code example.


This codebase example assumes the reader can program the 4D Systems display module using Workshop4 IDE ViSi-Genie environment. Beginners are advised to read the following aplication notes.


Hardware Setup

Connect the components with the circuit and schematic diagram below.

Circuit Diagram


Schematic Diagram


Downloading the project to the display

Compile the attached ViSi-Genie project and upload it to a uLCD-43DT or any 4 Systems DIABLO-16 graphics processor. Copy the supporting files to a uSD mounted to the PC. Properly unmount the uSD card from the PC and mount it to the display.


Workshop4 Pro is needed for this code example.


Project File