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ViSi-Genie: Color Picker


Number 4D-AN-00029
Difficulty Medium
Supported Processors PICASO, DIABLO-16, PIXXI-28, PIXXI-44
Supported Environments ViSi-Genie


The simple project developed in this application note demonstrates the use of the color picker. When touched at a certain point the color picker sends a corresponding message to the external host controller. The two-byte value contained by the message from a color picker represents the 16 bit color value in 565 format (5 bits of Red, 6 bits of Green, and 5 bits of Blue). On the other hand, if the host controller sends a message to the color picker, the color value contained by the message is indicated on the display. A section of this application note discusses the format of the messages coming from and going to a color picker using the GTX Tool in Workshop.

Document Project File