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ViSi: Displaying Images from the uSD Card – WYSIWYG RAW


Number 4D-AN-00061
Difficulty Medium
Supported Processors GOLDELOX
Supported Environments ViSi


This application note is dedicated to illustrating how to display an image on a GOLDELOX module using the ViSi environment in Worskhop 4. ViSi allows the user to place a widget (an image object for example) on the WYSIWYG (What-You-See-is-What-You-Get) screen and paste the corresponding 4DGL code to the code area. Worksop 4 then automatically generates the graphics files in the background and copies them to the uSD card. The 4DGL code is compiled and downloaded to the GOLDELOX display module. When the program runs, it accesses the graphics files on the uSD card and displays the desired object on the screen.

Document Project File