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ViSi: MP3 Player using SOMO-II


This codebase example will demonstrate using the gen4-uLCD-35DT as an MP3 player with SOMO-II, a tiny audio sound module. We will use serial UART to communicate our gen-uLCD-35DT and the sound module. The display will send commands for the sound module to execute, like play, stop, next, previous, volume control and other useful commands.

We must put the mp3 files into the microSD card, which can be formatted as FAT16 or FAT32.


This codebase example assumes the reader can program the 4D Systems display module using Workshop4 IDE designer environment. Beginners are advised to read the following aplication notes.


Hardware Setup

Refer to the circuit diagram below for the circuit connections.


Uploading the project to the display

  1. Prepare the MP3 files by putting them on a FAT16 or FAT32 formatted micro-SD card.
  2. You can refer to SOMO-II datasheet Files and Folder Structure for naming and file structure.
  3. Download and extract the project file.
  4. Double-click the mp3somo.4DViSi file or Open the Workshop4 IDE, then select Open, navigate to the Workshop4 Project folder, and select the project.
  5. Once the project opens, go to the Project tab and click on the Display section to change it to the target display.
  6. Go to the Comms tab to check if Workshop4 detects the target display.
  7. Then go to Home and click the Comp nLoad button to compile and download the program to the display.
  8. A copy confirmation prompt will appear on where to copy/save the supporting files. Select the drive where the micro-SD card is present and click uSD copy.
  9. Wait until Downloading is successful.
  10. Insert the micro-SD card into the micro-SD card slot on the display.
  11. Power up the display.


Project File