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ViSi-Genie: GTX The Rocker Switch Object


This codebase example demonstrates how an external host interacts with rocker switch objects on the display module. A display module loaded with a ViSi-Genie program follows the Genie Standard Protocol when it sends and receives messages to and from an external host. The protocol utilizes only a handful of commands and is simple and easy to implement. This codebase example focuses on demonstrating the use of some of these commands when interacting with rocker switch objects.


This codebase example assumes the reader can program the 4D Systems display module using Workshop4 IDE ViSi-Genie environment. Beginners are advised to read the following aplication notes.


Follow the procedure below to run this example. The reader is also advised to watch the accompanying video.

  1. Extract the content/s of the Workshop4 Project zip file to a folder.
  2. Open the project in Workshop.
  3. Compile the project source code and download or upload the program to the target display module (a uLCD-32PTU in this codebase example). Let Workshop copy the supporting files to a uSD card mounted to the PC.
  4. Properly unmount the uSD card from the PC and mount it to the uLCD-32PTU.
  5. Open the GTX tool of the Workshop4 IDE.


Project File