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Designer or ViSi: Time and Date Validation


This codebase example contains routines for validating time and date information. To keep this example simple, the time and date information is saved into separate variables, which are then passed as parameters to the correct function. There are two functions in the code - isValidDate(...) and isValidTime(...). The former is for validating a date information, and the latter is for validating a time information.


This codebase example assumes the reader can program the 4D Systems display module using Workshop4 IDE Designer or ViSi environment. Beginners are advised to read the following aplication notes.


  1. In the attached Designer 4DGL code, initialize the time and date variables with the desired values. Compile the code and upload the program to the display module.

  2. The screen should now show if the time information and date information are valid.


For step 1, there are two commented blocks of lines for initializing the time and date variables. Choose one block at a time before compiling. See the video for more details.


Project File