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ViSi-Genie: Changing microSD Card Speed for PIXXI Displays


Number 4D-AN-00273
Difficulty Easy
Supported Processors PIXXI-28, PIXXI-44
Supported Environments ViSi-Genie


This application note will show how to change the micro SD card speed when using PIXXI-44 graphics processors on the Workshop4 ViSi-Genie environment.



It is recommended to have read and tried the following application notes including their own prerequisites prior to learning this application.

Application Overview

Using a microSD card is an excellent device for storing and retrieving data. Micro-SD cards are required in using 4D Systems displays and Workshop4's GCI widgets and fonts, as this is where the supporting files are accessed.

When using a display with PIXXI graphics processor, not all micro SD cards works well with the maximum speed. For this case, a uSD speed option can be set to a different value other than the default (maximum) speed.

Setup Procedure

For instructions on how to launch Workshop 4, how to open a ViSi-Genie project, and how to change the target display, kindly refer to the section Setup Procedure of the application note:

ViSi-Genie: Getting Started with PIXXI Displays

Creating a New Project

For instructions on how to create a new ViSi-Genie project, please refer to the section Create a New Project of the application note.

ViSi-Genie: Getting Started with PIXXI Displays

Changing the microSD card Speed

Global Option

A global (IDE-wide) option is available for setting PIXXI uSD card speed. This can be accessed by going to File > Option and opening the Environment tab.


This setting will only be applied to New Projects created after the option is set.

Project Option

For an existing project, you can change the microSD card speed by going to Project > File System and click the ‘dropdown’ icon as shown below.


It will open a new window where you can select the option to change the microSD speed.


There are two options that can be selected, either the max speed or the reduced speed. The default is set to Max which works with our 4GB Industrial card and many others, but you can also use the Reduced option for other cards that is not compatible with the default settings. Once, the desired speed is chosen then just click OK button to apply the changes.

Build and Upload the Project

For instructions on how to build and upload a ViSi-Genie project to the target display, please refer to the section Build and Upload the Project” of the application note.

ViSi-Genie: Getting Started with PIXXI Displays