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Designer or ViSi: RS-485 Networking with 4Discovery


Number 4D-AN-00272
Difficulty Hard
Supported Processors DIABLO-16, PIXXI-28
Supported Environments ViAi, Designer


TThis Application Note demonstrates a simple multi-drop RS-485 network, with a single Master node, and up to 254 Slave nodes.

This demo is set up to use either 2, 3 or 4 different 4Discovery modules connected to a single network. The demo is set to work in a few different combinations. Please refer to the Application Overview section.

No micro-SD card is required for this demo, as all widgets used in the demo are utilising basic built-in functions. This is just to convey and focus on the communications, rather than to make the demo ‘pretty’.

This demo has been written with the 4Discovery range of products in mind, however it could be also used with the MOTG-RS485 module on gen4-uLCD products too, with some tweaks.

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