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Arduino GFX: Getting Started with gen4-IoD and IoD-09


Number 4D-AN-00271
Difficulty Easy
Supported Processors ESP8266
Supported Environments Arduino GFX


This Appnote covers the getting started using the gen4-IoD range or IoD-09 range of ESP8266 based modules.

There are two ways of programming gen4-IoD modules; using the Arduino IDE, or using the Workshop4 IDE.

Using the Workshop4 IDE provides additional graphical benefits over using the Arduino IDE, on the other hand, keep in mind that Worskhop4 IDE is only available on Windows (unless via a Virtual Machine). Workshop4 IDE’s Arduino GFX Environment allows user to write their Arduino code to program IoD modules.

The objective of this application note is to acquaint the user on the basic procedure of setting up, creating a new project, selecting the target display module, setting the screen orientation and compiling/ loading a simple “Hello World” program to the target device.

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