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ViSi-Genie Magic: Slide to Unlock


Number 4D-AN-00151
Difficulty Medium
Supported Processors PICASO, DIABLO-16, PIXXI-28, PIXXI-44
Supported Environments ViSi-Genie


When designing GUIs (Graphic User Interfaces), it is often desirable to have a slide-to-unlock feature. This feature is commonly found in smart phones. In the standard version of Workshop 4, a stand-alone application having a slide-to-unlock feature is not possible. A host would be needed to decide when the “unlock” action is triggered, which will occur only when the slider knob is moved to the right. The new objects under the Genie Magic pane in Workshop 4 give the user more control of the program. In this application note for example, the user will learn how to create a stand-alone ViSi-Genie application with a slide-to-unlock feature in Workshop Pro. This application note shows how to use the Magic Event object to implement a slide-to-unlock functionality. The Magic Event object is under the Genie Magic pane in Workshop 4 Pro. It contains a 4DGL code and it can be linked to standard Genie objects such as a winbutton, such that any time that the button is touched, the Magic Event object is called (or the 4DGL code is executed).