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Serial: Block Image Transfer using Arduino


Number 4D-AN-00137
Difficulty Medium
Supported Processors GOLDELOX, PICASO, DIABLO-16, PIXXI-28, PIXXI-44
Supported Environments Serial


This application note shows how to perform Block Image Transfer (BLIT) using the Arduino Serial library. In this application note, an Arduino Uno board is used as the host, and a uLCD-32PTU is used as the slave display. First, the desired image is converted to an array, which contains all the hexadecimal values for the pixels of the image. A third party application can be used for this process. The array is then saved to a file. The file is loaded to a uSD card, which is then mounted to the uSD card shield attached to the Arduino host. When the Arduino program runs, it will access the file on the uSD card, and will start sending the individual pixel bytes to the 4D display. The display will then show the pixels on the screen.

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