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Ordering at 4D Systems

The following are frequently asked questions regarding ordering, shipping and product-related inquiries for 4D Systems.

How do I request a quote? Is there a discount policy?

At 4D Systems, we take pride in offering personalised quotations designed to cater to your unique requirements. To obtain a custom quote factoring in your specific quantity and project requirements, kindly fill out our quotation form. Our dedicated sales team ensures to offer the most cost-effective and precise pricing for your order.

We also have a discount policy based on the quantity of your order. Our sales team will meticulously evaluate your requirements and apply any applicable discounts to offer the most competitive pricing. Contact us for more details.

What is the estimated lead time for a product?

Typically, smaller quantities of a product have faster lead times. For specific information on a particular product’s lead time, please contact us.

Do you have a specific product in stock?

While we generally maintain a stock of small quantities and samples, we recommend confirming availability for larger quantities with our sales team.

When will my order be shipped?

We aim to ship online orders within one week, contingent upon product availability. For a more accurate timeframe, please contact us.

Is this product active, or has it been discontinued?

4D Systems prioritises long-term availability, striving to maintain our products in production for extended periods. We rarely discontinue products, ensuring consistent access to the products you require.

Where can I purchase a product? Is it available through distributors?

Our products can be purchased directly through our online store or inquiry form. Additionally, our authorised distributors also retail our products. To verify product availability, you can check our distributors' websites.

Locate a distributor near you at our distributors page.

Can you provide me with product certifications (CE, COC, ROHS)?

Product certifications can be found in the download section of each product page. If the certifications you need is unavailable, contact us and our team will gladly assist.

Can I choose my courier service?

The shipping fee is incorporated into the invoice for online orders, and we manage transportation. However, for direct orders, you may select your preferred courier. Contact us for more details.

Will I pay customs fees?

All our packages are subject to the local import regulations of the destination country. Please note that 4D Systems do not cover any additional fees incurred due to these regulations. We recommend reaching out to your local customs office for more information about these costs.

Do the listed prices include VAT?

The 4D Systems website prices do not include taxes, VAT, customs fees, or other additional charges.

What is a SK module?

A module with its part number starting with SK, means its a Starter Kit.

A Starter Kit is a display module with a set of accessory parts, which are designed to aid the starting out of development with the 4D Systems product in question.

For example, a SK-GEN4-43DCT is a Starter Kit for the gen4-uLCD-43DCT display module, and includes extra parts such as a 4D-UPA Programmer and a microSD Card.

What does a module part number ending in -AR or -PI mean?

-AR and -PI are suffix's to part numbers which indicate the display module in question is in a Kit for Arduino (-AR) or the Raspberry Pi (-PI).

In the kit will be the display module in question, plus (but not limited to) the Arduino Adaptor Shield (for -AR) or the Serial Pi Adaptor (for -PI).

For example, uLCD-43DT-AR is a uLCD-43DT display module in Kit form to include parts to interface easily to an Arduino.

The display module used is identical whether you buy the display module by itself, or you buy it in the -AR or -PI kit forms, the kits just include some extra parts for easy interface, while the display module by itself does not.