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Picadillo UECIDE: How to Render a Workshop4 Image Widget


Number 4D-AN-00143
Difficulty Easy
Supported Processors Other
Supported Environments Others


This application note shows how to program the Picadillo-35T using the Universal Embedded Computing IDE (UECIDE) in Windows to make it display an image on the screen. Currently, simple graphics such as basic shapes can be rendered on the Picadillo-35T with the help of the TFT library. The TFT library has functions for drawing lines, rectangles, circles, etc. Image files stored on the uSD card can also be displayed using the BMPFile or the Raw565File libraries. There is also a library for displaying the content of a GCI file. “GCI” stands for “Graphics Composer Image”. It is a custom image format used by the Workshop 4 IDE for storing images to be used on 4D display modules. To program the Picadillo-35T to render the contents of a GCI file, we make use of the gciWidget library.

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